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Since 2003, la briqueterie has been publishing a periodical dedicated to dance and professionals working in the choreographic field. Initially entitled Adage, it later became Repères, cahier de danse. In March 2023, the magazine changed its name to Cahiers de danse.

Because dancers need spaces for analysis, criticism and storytelling, Cahiers de danse explores themes drawn from their scenic or kinesic experiences. To explore their multiple meanings, the magazine looks at their social, philosophical and artistic resonances. In the form of articles and interviews, now brought together in a bilingual (French/English) edition, Cahiers de danse aims to address artists, cultural professionals and researchers of all disciplines.

To accompany the magazine's transformation, a booklet entitled "Transitions" is published in digital format. The first issue of Cahiers de danse, "Jeux", appeared in September 2023: echoing the forthcoming Paris 2024 Olympics Games, it explores the uses and imaginaries of "play" in dance.

Editor-in-chief: Céline Gauthier.

You can also find articles from the journal on CAIRN (starting from issue #17) and on BNFA -
(a digital library for the blind and visually impaired).

. ateliers des revues


"L’Atelier des revues" is a meeting format dedicated to professionals in dance criticism, writing and publishing. Bringing together participants from all over Europe, it invites them to discuss the challenges they face: changes in readership and distribution dynamics, the intertwining of institutional and artistic logics, adapting writing styles to the renewal of stage forms, etc. The Atelier aims to contribute to the development of a network that aims to recognise the expertise behind a dance magazine.