) choregraphic creation residency


Creation residencies at la Briqueterie are open to companies (French and international) with a legal structure. It can involve a co-production contribution and/or a technical support, or be a simple loan.

To apply for a residency - with contribution in co-production, industry or simple loan - the briqueterie sets up one call for projects per year, at the beginning of the year, for residencies happening the year after.

Call for choreographic creation residencies is closed! Next call will be launched at the beginning of 2024, exact dates will be announced soon, keep in touch!


artists in residency 2023 - 2024

Rita Lira, The Trap

Ioana Paraskevopoulou, All of my love

Saphir Belkheir, Sycomore

Georges Labbat, Camelia

Mithkal Alzghair, Clameurs

Dalila Belaza, Orage

Julia Laperrière, Dangereuses

Emmanuelle Rigaud, Les Regardeuses

Talia Pigier, Celle qui part n’est pas disparue

Christian Ubl, CURSUM RERUM

Bruno Benne, Prendre l'air

Teresa Vittucci, Sane Satan

Shlomi Tuizer et Edmond Russo, Subrosa

Volmir Cordeiro, Abri  

Radhouane el Meddeb, Le Cabaret de la Rose Blanche

Soraya Thomas, Les Jupes

Joaquín Collado, Soleil Noir

Collectif ÈS, About Lambada

Emmanuelle Vo-Dinh, Routine.s

Christian et François Ben Aim, Tendre colère (titre provisoire)


Ondine Cloez et Kotomi, The first word of the first poem of the first collection is basket

Collectif Highlights, Shooting Stars  

Léonce Noah, DeZolé du Xilence

Émilie Labédan, EUSAPIA

Marinette Dozeville, C'est comme ça que don Quichotte décida de sauver le monde

Luara Learth, MANGUBA

Collectif La Ville en Feu

Simon Leborgne, Labyrinthe

Clémence Baubant, PARADES

Valéria Giuga, Béaba

Katerina Andreou, Mayday

Hofesh Schechter

Zoé Lakhnati, ARNOLD


La Briqueterie does not provide studio space for a day or half-days. Requests for simple studio loans are made through the call for projects only. Any other request cannot be considered.
La briqueterie does not have accommodation available but propose, on demand, a list of surrounding partners with preferential rates.
La Briqueterie is closed on Sundays and summer holidays.

For additional information or any clarification, please contact: